Flash Apps

I have created Flash apps that demonstrate my ability to read XML files, load and unload images, create events that play mp3 sounds when a button is pressed, create new instances of classes in the flash library and change the color of objects on the stage

JavaScript Apps

I have created apps using JavaScript and XHTML that demonstrate my abilities to calculate the difference between dates, create a list that navigates to another page when a selection is made and how to add mouse roll over and out events

PHP and SQL apps

I have created apps using PHP and SQL apps that demonstrate my abilities create mySQL databases and connect to these databases using PHP

About Site

This site showcases my skill as a web developer. This site was developed using Dreamweaver, CSS and JavaScript. The Jewelry Gallery, Create a Picture and Play Phone were developed using Flash. Users will need Flash Player to view these pages. Users will also need JavaScript enabled to see the Holiday countdown app and clickable version of my contact information. An image is displayed for those without javascript. Images used for the Holiday Countdown app were downloaded from www.hellasmultimedia.com. Clipart used in the Picture App was downloaded from free-clipart.net. Images used in Jewelry Gallery were taken by me with a borrowed camera after a few quick lessons. I also edited the images in photoshop. Many thanks to Randy for loaning me the camera.